The difference between good service and bad service has nothing to do with the facility and everything to do with the people. The people at Ironwood are missionaries who view this as their ministry, not just their job. Over half our staff have served for 15 years or more.


When you give us a call to ask a question or get signed up for camp, you will probably talk to one of the folks on our Registration Team. We call them answer specialists. It is their primary duty to answer any and all questions that you come up with. Every now and then they get stumped, but they are also good at figuring out the hard questions. Give them a call and see how they do!


The next group of people that impact your stay is our Hospitality Team. They do most of their work before you arrive and after you leave. They clean cabins, meeting rooms, and restrooms; make things smell nice; and remove all the clutter. We don’t call them janitors; janitors clean buildings. The Hospitality Team is focused on people. We provide linens for many of our camps, and the Hospitality Team works to make each camper's stay comfortable and without distraction. If there is a problem (which does happen on occasion), let one of our staff know then watch to see how quickly they respond. One of the team is always on call, ready to take care of any camper's need. We all live nearby and are available 24/7.


After you have checked in at the office and found your clean cabin, you may look right past the next team that has worked to make your stay pleasant. Our Grounds and Maintenance teams make sure that everything works in your cabin. They work to provide comfortable, western, quiet, helpful atmosphere. Most campers never see all the tools and equipment that these teams have available to them. They have extras of everything just in case something breaks. Because they have helped build our buildings, they know the details necessary to fix whatever may go wrong. They are also available whenever needed.


At Ironwood, three different program teams work to make activities, games, and fun happen. Not only are they experts at putting together a good meeting, but you will also spend the most time with this group of people who love to have fun, meet people, and be creative for the camper's benefit. The program team works with the speaker at each camp to make sure the Word of God is shared in a clear, correct way. They may become like family to you as you get to know them.


Three times a day you will probably visit the Homestead and enjoy the creations of our chefs. They also have a team of people to serve and wash dishes so you can sit, relax, and enjoy fellowshipping. Over our four decades of ministry, tri-tip BBQ has always been a favorite. Lately the build-your-own burger and brisket have become favorites. Staff favorites include the cinnamon rolls and French toast. Mmmmm, mmm.


At many of the retreats you will enjoy some of the characters at our skit night. We can’t seem to get these guys on the dishwashing schedule, but they show up any time we are doing the comedy show. (Morphil looks like our Grounds Team Leader, Wayne Mix, and Rephil looks like our director, Sam Brock.)


Once you have finished your retreat, there will still be staff you have not metfolks that work in the office, at the school, and on some of other teams. The big thing you should know is that on average for every two campers one staff member is serving in one way or another. Through our Institute of Ministry, Ministry Bound, and resident staff teams, we have about 50 people in the fall and spring; during the summer with summer staff and Leadership Live, we have about 115. That is a big crew, but the thing that makes the difference when you are at camp is not your cabin, dining room chair, meeting room, or shooting range. It is a group of people who really do want to serve you in any way possible!


Thanks for visiting!  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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