2018 Retreat: January 26–27

Youth Winter Rendezvous advances camaraderie among your group and gives each camper a spiritual boost of encouragement. This camp is designed to complement and reaffirm summer camp decisions.


Benefits to the Camper: Christ-centered preaching that deals with specific needs of young people; unique theme options give campers a wide range of unique games and activities; opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.


Benefits to the Church: youth leaders serve as the cabin counselors for this short weekend, and it becomes a great way to bridge the generation gap; complements summer camp by giving a spiritual punch midway through the school year; many activities are designed to be done as a youth/church group, which builds camaraderie and memories as well as adding to the fun; weather (no snow!) and activities complement the spiritual goals of the camp rather than distract from them.


Highlights: church groups stay in cabins together; night games use the whole camp facility for an exciting game involving strategy and speed; church group challenge— unique events that your group do together in competition with other church groups.

Final schedule will be available at registration upon arrival.
  4:00 Registration opensplease do not arrive early
  5:15 Orientation & Sponsor Meeting
  6:00 Dinner
  7:00 Chapel
  8:15 Activities
  10:30 All to Cabins
  6:00 Soldier Mountain Hike
  8:00 Breakfast
  8:30 Devotions
  9:00 Chapel
  10:15 Free Time
  10:45 Field Game
  12:30 Lunch
  1:30 Activities
  4:30 Chapel
  5:30 Dinner & Skits

Thanks for visiting!  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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