April 19–21, 2018: Speaker Claudia Barba
October 18–20, 2018: Speaker Reba Bowman

Women's Retreat renews churches by bringing their women together in a sense of camaraderie and unity. We hope to challenge each woman to learn more about her church, build relationships with her fellow church members, and grow in her personal relationship with God.


Benefits to the Camper: getaway from the busyness of life to enjoy a time of rest; time to think and contemplate about life and needed adjustments; distractions are minimalized so women can concentrate on God’s Word; optional, unique activities; schedule that allows women to fellowship with each other; services directed to the specific audience of women


Benefits to the Church: time set aside to fellowship with one another; the pastor’s wife has an opportunity to interact with women in a non-church atmosphere; the trip home allows women the chance to talk about what they’ve learned and provide accountability for each other


Highlights: sessions by excellent speakers; delicious tri-tip barbecue and hilarious skits on Friday night; eating each meal at a table designated for your group; church challenge—events each group will compete in against other church groups; two workshop sessions with a choice of three or four practical topics to choose from

Final schedule will be available at registration upon arrival.
  4:00 Registration opensplease do not arrive early
  6:00 Dinner
  6:30 Pastor's Wife Meeting
  7:15 Session
  8:30 Activities
  10:30 Quiet in Cabin Area
  6:45 Optional Trail Ride
  7:00 Personal Devotions
  8:00 Breakfast
  8:45 Session
  10:00 Workshop
  10:50 Free Time
  11:15 Workshop
  12:30 Lunch
  1:30 Activities
  4:45 Registration Coordinator Meeting
  5:30 Dinner & Skits
  7:30 Session
  8:45 Church Huddle
  9:15 Activities
  10:45 Quiet in Cabin Area
  6:00 Soldier Mountain Hike
  7:00 Optional Trail Ride
  7:30 Personal Devotions
  8:30 Session
  10:15 Brunch
  10:45 Departure

Thanks for visiting!  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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