2018 Camp: March 9–10

Paintball Camp provides paintball recreation with a Christian atmosphere in which relationships are strengthened, spiritual outreach happens, team concepts are learned, and God is glorified.


Benefits to the Camper: a weekend of adventure, skirmishes, and confrontation in which you will be challenged to work together as a team to mark your opponents in an adrenalin-pounding competition; two service times will challenge campers from God’s Word to be spiritually prepared for the battles they face every day; Christ-honoring fun and competition; meet new friends, strengthen old friendships, and enjoy a getaway weekend; quality time with God in a setting in which God is the focus of all that we do; great opportunity for fathers and sons or daughters to spend some quality time together


Benefits to the Church: provides practical, Bible knowledge for church members of how to be prepared to withstand the wiles of the devil; provides church members with ammunition to defeat Satan in everyday life battles; gives church members the opportunity to bring unsaved friends to a more relaxed setting for the purpose of presenting the gospel to them; a fun activity and a shared experience that appeals to a wide age range; creates and strengthens relationships and can be a tool of unity within the church body


Highlights: excellent food; great preaching; different courses with different terrains: the Bluffs—death-defying cliffs and never-ending gullies that will prove a huge challenge to even the die-hard paintballer; the River Bottom—a wide variety of strategy games that will test your abilities to work together as a team with the challenges of brush, concealment, and small shooting lanes; the Night Course—speedball is the emphasis of this course with large tires, a big trench, and playing in the dark all make taming this course a white-knuckle adventure.

Final schedule will be available at registration upon arrival.
  4:00 Registration opensplease do not arrive early
    Fill tanks and chronograph markers
  6:00 Orientation and Dinner
  7:15 Session
  8:30 Night Games
  10:00 Free Time
  10:30 Quiet in the Cabin Area
  7:30 Marker Prep
  8:00 Breakfast
  8:30 Personal Devotions
  9:15 Riverbed Games
  12:30 Lunch
  1:15 Session
  2:00 Games at Painted Acres
  4:15 Awards
  5:00 Departure

Thanks for visiting!  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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