2019 Work Week: January 10–12

Nehemiah Work Week gives people with temporal skills the opportunity to use those skills to have an eternal impact. Each camper becomes a member of the Ironwood team and ultimately a co-laborer wtih God.


Benefits to the Camper: hard work with a purpose; getting your whole family involved in the work; flexible arrival and departure; emphasizing the eternal perspective while working on a temporal project


Benefits to the Church: easy missions trip to organize, pay for, and do; builds unity of purpose; folks get involved by giving their time; works well with just one person or several


Highlights: Wrap-up Meetings—at the end of each day, we share the progress of each project team and share what spiritual objects lessons have been learned from the project; refreshment wagon—each day every worker gets a wooden nickel that he may turn in for a free drink; optional evening activities; tri-tip barbecue at the end of the week; Pygmy Crews—projects for the kids (if the kids are four and under, mom will need to join the crew)

Final schedule will be available at registration upon arrival.
  7:30 Breakfast
  8:00 Morning Meeting
  8:30 Work Crews
  10:30 Drink Wagon
  Noon Lunch
  1:00 Work Crews
  3:00 Drink Wagon
  5:15 Wrap-up Meeting
  6:00 Dinner
  7:00 Activities (Wednesday: Bible Study, activities begin at 8:00)
  9:00 Family Time

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