All who wish to attend Leadership Live must work at least one full session; applying the principles taught during the week of training is essential to the program's success. Service opportunities are primarily on our Homestead team (serving tables and washing dishes) and our maintenance and grounds teams (projects, maintenance, and trash removal.) Those that are qualified will have opportunities to counsel young people responding to evening service invitations and to serve as prayer partners to our college-age counselors.

Please take the time as you complete your application to carefully consider which of the sessions to which you would be able to commit. After choosing one or both of the sessions, fill out the contract and complete the application. In order to serve the campers well, we may need to make some adjustments to your request. If you desire to attend summer camp, please choose a week of camp that is not during the session you are working.

Please fill out the online application and contact us regarding your $50 registration fee or your total camp fee (total fee is for new campers only; veterans just pay registration fee). Once your application is accepted, the registration fee is non-refundable; it does apply toward the total camp fee. Also, please ask your pastor and youth pastor and to complete an online reference; we will send a link when you submit their contact information.


In early March, we will begin to send out acceptance notifications. Those with completed applications and two references that meet team member requirements will be considered for acceptance in the order we received them. Because the enrollment is limited and the training is intensive and specific, we are able to select only a portion of those young people who are interested.

If you have any questions or are unable to fill out an online application, please e-mail with “Leadership Live!” in the subject line or call the camp office (760.257.3503).


Leadership Live! provides leadership training for teens, ages sixteen to eighteen, who wish to increase their leadership potential and/or wish to serve on the Ironwood volunteer summer team. This program is designed for youth who are interested in further Christian growth and a summer of service-oriented leadership.

Benefits to the Camper: learning and practicing the five components of leadership—discipline, wisdom, vision, humility, and initiative; studying and practicing counseling skills—each camper receives the same counseling tools and training that our summer counselors receive (the Ironwood Staff Manual and the Biblical Counselor’s All-purpsoe Tool); developing teamwork skills; establishing personal, biblical convictions; journaling—a valuable tool to help campers express what they are thinking and help them come to a point of decision in various areas of life; serving as prayer partner for a counselor—this gives a specific group of campers to get to know and pray for specifically; having their own counselor for the duration of their time at camp, which allows for a relationship that grows beyond the usual one-week span of summer camp.

Benefits to the Church: leadership training takes leaders in your youth group and stretches them by putting them with a group of other leaders; provides college-aged peers that give campers godly examples—the friendships made in the summer can help immensely as older teens prepare for life choices.


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