2019 Retreat: June 13–15

Father-Son Camp gives fathers an opportunity to spend quality time with their sons. Fathers and sons will play, learn, and grow together through this retreat.


Benefits to the Camper: five services designed specifically to help fathers and sons; safe environment for fathers to let their sons explore, play, and learn; activities designed to help fathers and sons create together; split service that allows speakers to speak to the needs of both children and adults; having fun together; the adventure of a camping trip without all the hassles of a camping trip


Benefits to the Church: helps fathers set aside time in their busy schedule to be with their family; a great time of unity and fellowship; gives the dads in your church the opportunity to be the servant (leader) to their sons


Highlights: excellent food; Father-Son Challenge—events that are a combination of luck and skill and uses scores from fathers and sons to determine winners in several age categories; skits; shooting range is open—everything from BB guns to deer rifles show up, a great time to teach your young’uns to shoot.

Final schedule will be available at registration upon arrival.
  4:00 Registration opensplease do not arrive early
  6:00 Dinner
  6:45 Session
  8:30 Skits
  9:15 Activities
  10:30 Quiet in Cabin Area
  8:00 Breakfast
  8:30 Split Session
  9:15 Father-Son Discussion
  10:00 Free Time
  10:30 Father-Son Challenge
  11:30 Split Session
  12:30 Lunch
  1:00 Activities
  6:00 Dinner
  6:45 Session
  8:00 Activities
  9:30 Campfire
  10:30 Quiet in Cabin Area
  6:00 Soldier Mountain Hike
  8:00 Breakfast
  8:30 Father-Son Devotions
  9:00 Watermelon Drop
  10:30 Activities
  11:30 Session
  12:30 Lunch
  1:00 Departure

Thanks for visiting!  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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